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What is important to know about wheelchairs? Every year in the Paralympics, the majority of us get to witness as well as experience the marvelous sporting feats over the next few weeks. It is because of such events that, to a certain extent, being disabled is now viewed normally by many of us.  Yet, there still lies a fear factor with some taboos regarding disability, and this is something that is both worrisome as well as unnecessary. So in order to bring more clarity and awareness regarding electric wheelchairs, we would like to list the four interesting things about electric wheelchairs that you should know.

know about wheelchairs

1.   Wheelchairs Are Absolutely Nothing to Be Scared Of

Let’s start by making an important acknowledgment about wheelchairs that we as a society, need to stop being so scared of disability. Disability is nothing to be anxious about or scared of! Especially in the United Kingdom, people seem to be cautious and concerned about doing or saying the right thing. They are terrified of sounding patronizing or offensive that they end up not communicating with disabled people, especially those in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, this is all because of the fear of messing it up that and lack of acknowledgment! Not only is this sad, but it also aggravates the ‘fear factor’ instead of getting rid of it.  For a society that is completely accessible and inclusive, we must stop acting so worrisome around people with disabilities.

2.   Electric Wheelchairs Can Be Fun and Fashionable

One of the interesting things about wheelchairs is that you could be an electric wheelchair user and at the same time you can also look fashionable and attractive. There is nothing that can stop a wheelchair user from being disabled as well attractive, particularly when the two are not mutually exclusive.

Understanding this can change the way people view my disability and wheelchairs. We hope that you can also have this realization too now.  You can accessorize your electric wheelchair or even your partner’s wheelchair! Be bold and expressive. Think about colors, glitters, sequins, or spice up your backrest design. It is all very much possible. If revamping your electric wheelchair can make you ‘stand out in the crowd’ and feel more comfortable about your disability and the way everything works out together, then trust us, it is more than worth it.

3.   Existence of Wheelchair Perks

No one should feel hesitant in communicating with a disabled person at all. In addition to getting a friend, your friendship with them can also bring some amazing opportunities for you. For instance, there are times where people with disabilities get to enjoy a free stay at a hotel if they agree to deliver an audit on accessibility.  Some of them have also been upgraded to Business Class, and their friends also enjoy cinema tickets at half price. So, overall not too shabby is it for having to sit down.

4.   Insufficiency of Physical Power Does Not Mean Absence of Brain Power

Every wheelchair user has a physical ailment that is different from other disabled individuals. Some individuals use electric wheelchairs as a result of their post ailment from a car accident. Others are born with a physical condition that can be cerebral palsy or even muscular dystrophy. There are also cases where people later in life develop conditions like multiple sclerosis. Because of some conditions, there can be an impact on a wheelchair user’s ability to talk clearly. Some individuals believe that being disabled can directly affect the level of intelligence or on the disabled individuals’ ability to hear or comprehend anything, so they end up addressing the wheelchair user’s companion and not the wheelchair user directly like they are not even present there. While some wheelchair users do suffer from brain trauma. However, their restrictive communication skills are not reflective of their ability to think, and you should speak to them as you would talk to anyone else.

Conclusion you should know about wheelchairs

In all honesty, having a disability is not always fun. Still, it is also important that we look at the jovial side of life. The complex stuff that impaired individuals come across.  It is easy to be a pessimist, and it is way more difficult to be an optimist and see the bright side of life.

Suppose everyone in our society was aware of these interesting things about wheelchairs. In that case, the individuals using them along with disability, in general, would feel more inclusive as well accepted in the society. Apart from all that, such individuals would feel more proud as they see the changing mentalities as well as perceptions of the people in the society. However, it is also up to disabled people to encourage this change in society positively.  This can be achieved by politely communicating with others, even if they use incorrect terminology. Then correct them in a kind manner. If you reply with rudeness, you will end up putting them off from ever speaking to a disabled individual again! It is important to remember that respect is a two-way street. We are confident that slowly and gradually, we will get there.