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Tilt-in-Space Wheelchairs

Tilting wheelchairs have a seat-back angle that is maintained as the seating system rotates around a fixed or sliding pivot point.

Tilting a wheelchair versus Reclining a wheelchair; which one is more comfortable? The answer to that question should be left for the patient or user to decide, as we all define comfort in our own way.

However, it remains a fact that using a tilt wheelchair offers proven pressure relief on the rear as shown in the pressure charts. This is accomplished through the redistribution of the pressure to the user’s back, shifting it away from the posterior locations. The user’s center of gravity is redistributed by rotating the axis where the person sits.  A reclining wheelchair provides a sole pivot point from the unit’s back cane to its seating frame. Our VIP-515 features the ONLY lightweight folding adult tilt in space feature in the world starting at mere 34 lbs in weight.

Shown below are two categories provided for your review.  The VIP-515 Tilt Wheelchair models (left as shown) and MVP-502 V-Shape Reclining Wheelchair (right as shown). Both feature patented components within the wheelchair design demonstrating comfort and the highest level of craftsmanship, available in a Tilt or Recline option with a choice between transport or manual propel for your mobility needs. Please consult your local Durable Medical Equipment provider or doctor to find out which one is the most appropriate for you or your loved ones.

Advanced ergonomic pressure relieving seating

makes these chairs the most comfortable recliners on the market.

    • Only folding lightweight adult Tilting Wheelchair in the world
    • Starting at 33 lbs
    • Most models are fully loaded with many standard feature included
    • 0-35 degrees tilt with Center of Gravity Intelligent Tilt
    • Improves user circulation
    • Fits into most vehicle trunks, easily transported without further equipment

tilt wheelchair features

Finding the Perfect Wheelchair to FIT YOU is very important.  That is why we have launched the new ERGO FIT™ Campaign based on proper Wheelchair Ergonomics, comparing and contrasting both your bodies needs, your Wheelchair Dimensions, and also balancing the environment in which you will be enjoying your tilt wheelchair.

Whether it is outdoors expeditions and ensuring that going up a ramp with the least amount of resistance, or being as comfortable as possible due to prolonged usage, our ERGO FIT™ methodology provides a countless amount of options and accessories, or models with specific variations designed to maximize your mobility and comfort.

Wheelchair Measurement Chart

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Our categories

  • Sale!

    VIP2-TR – 43 lbs

    $3,900.00 $1,990.00
  • kn-880 front view

    KN-880 Series – 50 lbs

    $694.00 $499.00
  • Sale!

    KM-5000 Transport – 33 lbs

    $1,557.00 $999.00
  • MVP 502 Folded Reclining Wheelchair side view

    KM-5000 Self Propel – 36 lbs

    $1,557.00 $999.00
  • Sale!

    VIP-515-TP – 34 lbs

    $3,150.00 $1,619.00
  • vip-515 side view

    VIP-515 – 38 lbs

    $3,330.00 $1,749.00
  • MVP-502 Transport wheelchair rear view

    MVP-502 Transport – 34 lbs

    $3,375.00 $1,699.00
  • mvp side view

    MVP-502 Self Propel – 36 lbs

    $3,597.00 $1,849.00