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Bath & Safety Aids

Bath and safety devices are designed to give every age group the ability to do daily activities with a bit more ease. The main reason for buying one of these products is to prevent injuries from accidents inside the bathroom. With the added stability and maneuverability, you are able to move around the bathroom with ease and you can be confident that you are preventing potential injuries from occurring. There are many different products in this category, including the shower chair, commode chair, bath transfer boards, bath lifts, and other useful devices to lend you aid.

Shower commode chairs can be used as both a commode and a shower chair. This means that you only need one device to work as a toilet and bath aid. Designed with comfort and durability in mind, these chairs can help users while using the toilet and when you are taking a shower. The frame is made from aluminum or steel, each one having their pros and cons. Aluminum is lighter, but steel is more durable.

Caregiver Shower Chair

Depending on the level of mobility of the person using the shower chair, they may or may not need a caregiver to shower. If a caregiver is necessary, it is always a good idea to check whether the bath chair is able to accommodate a caregiver providing assistance. This means that the chair will have handles or some form of lifting feature to allow the caretaker to transfer the patient in and out of the bath.

If there is no caregiver involved, a basic shower chair may be just enough to help you bathe.

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