For people who find walking on their own difficult, mobility scooters are increasing in popularity.  As an alternative to wheelchairs they are great for people who don’t really need one, yet they are not able to walk on their own.

Increased Independence

The scooters allow the elderly and disabled to lead independent lifestyles and be active outdoors. They can do their own errands without having to depend on other people for help. These scooters can easily navigate uneven terrain and inclines fairly easily. With their tight turning radius they are easily maneuverable.
mobility scooters increases movement

If you are having mobility problems, this scooter will help you get out and about and keep you active. You no longer have to miss out on outdoor activities.

Easy and Safe To Use

Virtually anyone can use an electric powered scooter. To operate one you don’t need to have a license and they are very stable due to their very low center of gravity. Even if you are going up a steep incline or over rough terrain, these scooters are difficult to tip over. They can travel as fast as 8 miles per hour. To slow them down, they have great mechanical and electric brakes.

Comfortable and Convenient

The really good mobility scooters have seats that are adjustable, that way you can be very comfortable in them even if are sitting in them for extended periods. Most scooters have a fairly big basket at the front that is suitable for carrying groceries or other goods. Since the scooter is battery powered, all the user has to do is to sit and steer along their path.

Inexpensive to Maintain

The lithium batteries on the electric scooter have a range of 20 to 35 miles per full charge. To recharge all you have to do is to plug it in when it isn’t in use.

With one of these scooters you will be independent and won’t have to depend on other people for mobility. You can make your own schedule and not have to rely on when other people are available. Now you don’t have to rely on caregivers to take you on outings outdoors.

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