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LT-K5 – 28 lbs

$747.00 $379.00

The LT-K5 lightweight wheelchair is built for those who need a little bit of extra durability. This chair features a high-strength aluminum frame, a double padded seat, and beefy 24 x 1 3/8″ rear tires. LT-K5 wheelchair comes in black and supports a 250 lbs weight capacity.

This seat wheelchair also feature swing-away removable, height adjustable footrests. The LT-K5 is available with a seat width of 18 inches.


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This light wheelchair has a double padded seat and large, beefed up rear tires that measure 24″ x 1 3/8″. The front tires are 7″ x 1″ casters with an adjustable fork, larger than conventional wheelchairs. The armrests flip back and are height adjustable, making them customizable for nearly any user. This wheelchair has push to lock brakes designed for manual engagement and durable composite side panels for protection.

Product Features
  • Folding backrest for easier transport
  • Flip back armrest for safe and easy transfer
  • Height adjustable armrest allows for a nearly perfect fit for any user
  • Swing away removable footrest with height adjustable footplates
  • Dual padded seat upholstery for added durability and comfort
  • Push to lock brakes designed for any user of any age to manually engage
  • Durable composite side panels for protection
  • Flat free 7”x1” front casters with height adjustable fork
  • Flat free high tread 24”x1″ 3/8” rear wheels
  • Frame Color: Black
Product Measurements
HCPCS CodeK0004*
Seat Width18 inch.
Seat Depth17 inch.
Seat Height18 inch.
Back Height17 inch.
Overall Height34 inch.
Overall Open Width24.5 inch, 26.5 inch.
Weight Without Riggings28 lbs.
Weight Capacity250 lbs.
Shipping DimensionsN/A

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Due to our commitment to continuous improvements, Karman Healthcare reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the lightweight wheelchair.

  LT-K5 – Ultralight WheelchairUPC#
  LT-K5N *discontinued*045635100084

*When billing, please verify with current latest PDAC guidelines. This information is not intended to be, nor should it be considered billing or legal advice. Providers are responsible for determining the appropriate billing codes when submitting claims to the Medicare Program and should consult an attorney or other advisors to discuss specific situations in further detail.

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Weight40 lbs
Dimensions31 x 13 x 35 in
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Armrest Type

Seat Size


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1 review for LT-K5 – 28 lbs

    2 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    This isn't durable in the slightest... 26 days in :( I love the wheelchair. Or should I say I want to love the wheelchair. I have only had the chair for 26 days. I would understand if a $99 chair looked slightly worn after a month, but we are talking about a $450 chair by the time I added the elevating legs and calf strap. I confirmed with MULTIPLE customer service reps that when you order from the manufacturer you receive the anti tippers with the chair, however that was not so. I sent in a support request after receiving the chair as I didn't have another hour to sit on hold, like I had to in order to find out where the chair was (I waited 9 days, so much for their super fast shipping, to get the chair in the first place), but nobody ever got back to me. I guess the support requests go into a black hole because I didn't even so much as get an automated reply. I got better customer service when I ordered 4 pairs of $13 compression socks and one didn't make it into the package. I guess I should have gone with the cheaper site after all. By the way, if you order from the manufacturer you better call right away and tell them your address because they don't trust you to type it in yourself. They won't ship the chair until they call you to confirm your address and get a hold of you, but they actually skip the part where they call, as evidenced by my lack of missed calls or voicemails. If this is a policy, please put it in the description of your product, or somewhere on your site!!! I ordered the chair because I needed it, so that was another week I couldn't work, and money lost. I should have bought one on Amazon.I use it daily at work, and take it to my appointments as well. I carefully lift it into and out of my pickup. I keep it in the backseat, and store it vertically behind my drivers seat so it is secured between my seat and the rear bench. I use it always as I have a connective tissue disorder, with disequilibrium (transient, so I never know when I'm going to lose my hearing and balance) and horrible blood pooling and can't stand up for more than a few minutes even with a whole body suit of compression garments on. However, most days I am capable of walking at least a bit, I do not use it in my house. It only gets used a few hours a day, and spends a lot of time hanging out in my truck. I am very careful with the wheelchair as it is my baby, it is what allows me to continue working full time. It's very comfortable, I love that I can lift it myself. However, I spent so much money on it and every time I look at it I want to cry. The plastic you use to roll the wheels cracked already. I had to tighten them because they make such a godawful racket every time I roll. My only choice after that was to just keep tightening the bolt until it compressed the plastic so hard it didn't matter that it was cracked. It's embarrassing. I take the leg rests off very carefully each day to put them flat on my Weather Tech mats, but I don't even know why I bother because they showed up scuffed and damaged anyways. The paint where you attach the legs chipped within the first three days of owning it, just from carefully taking the legs on and off. Plus, I paid extra to get both sets of legs and one of the elevating legs was frozen upon arrival. You'd think there would be some sort of quality control, that someone would check stuff like that. I wish my livelihood didn't depend on this chair, or I would have called and complained upon unboxing. But time was the issue at that point, so I took it apart all the way down to the bolts and greased the slide with vaseline so it would function correctly. After waiting 9 days for the chair, my legs were so swollen I really couldn't wait any longer to call and wait for a replacement set.I really want to love the chair. It's been a disaster. After one month an incredibly expensive wheelchair shouldn't be rickety, squeaky, chipping, and breaking. I shouldn't have received elevating legs that I had to fix before I could use them, and swing away legs with scratched and damaged plastic. The grab handles on my wheels are squeaking and broken after a month. I never write negative reviews (this might be the first time I ever wrote a review below 4 stars) but it became apparent that calling or emailing support doesn't do any good. The support request I sent in online never received a reply, and I sat on hold multiple times for around 10-20 minutes before giving up after I received the chair. I'm in sales too, as much as I want to be able to sit on the phone and wait, I have my own customers to take care of and I spend all my free time at various doctors.To be fair, this is a wonderful wheelchair. Super comfortable, I actually prefer it without any extra cushion. It's just the right size, I'm 5'2.5" and about 189#. I love how the handles drop down in the back so I can reach far down the back of the wheels to get better leverage. It's really hard to open heavy doors while in the chair since it really doesn't weigh anything, but I figured it out. When going in doors where there is a slight lip on an incline, I have to go backwards due to the light frame, even with someone pushing from the back the front wheels can't get over it but I can easily get in going backwards.I don't know if I just got one that someone else sent back, or has been thrown around the warehouse for months, or whoever was packing it was having a bad day, but when I did get a hold of customer support after thinking my wheelchair would be delivered any minute to find out it hadn't even been shipped I was relieved to hear at least it would get shipped that evening. Now I'm thinking I should have asked them to take their time. I cried when I opened the box and saw the swing open feet were all scraped up, the elevating legs didn't work, the anti tippers were missing. I'm 29 years old and can't go out any more and this was the one really nice thing I got for myself this year. I should have known better but my boss let me go home to get it from my porch and I had been stuck in my office for almost two weeks at that point (I'm in car sales) so it's not like I could return it to California and wait for a replacement.

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