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KM-9020L – 25 lbs

KM-9020 Lightweight Wheelchair

The super light & compact KM-9020L wheel chair features fixed armrests and leg rests for light weight, with footrests with velcro mount leg strap.

High-grade flame retardant, breathable nylon upholstery. Folding backrest makes this chair very compact for transport.

Lightweight Wheel-chair

Furthermore, with weights ranging from 25-34 pounds, our lightweight wheel-chair is a great choice when you need a wheel-chair that is more frequently used, when you need special options, or when you have your heart set on a specific frame and/or upholstery color combination.  This category covers it all, with lightweight wheel-chairs at competitive prices.  Becuase of this, these wheel-chairs offer more options and we typically recommend that a comparison be done with the next step up category which is our ultralight weight wheel-chairs where the ultimate mobility equipment and features are at its very best.

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