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Wheelchair Maintenance Tools

Wheelchair Maintenance Tools for wheelchairs both OEM and replacement

There generally many types of Wheelchair Maintenance Tools available.  Many of them are universal and can be used across many brands and models.  Sometimes a wheelchair will come with them so that you can use them right out of the box.  When shopping for a wheelchair, it’s often a good choice to shop with one that comes with it right out of the box.

All good wheelchairs have torque specs and even bolt metal harndess specs.  It’s usually in the print for HRC on metals.  This way any mating tool used to torque down or bolt on to the chair is already specified.  The engineering behind is needs to last the drum test which simulates running the chair in a life time test.  All FDA regulated wheelchairs in USA must past these test.  Beware of chairs that are not compliant to federal regulations.

Getting the right Wheelchair Maintenance Tools for your wheelchair

The reason why getting the exact right one for your wheelchair is very important.  Each chair is designed differently.  From lubing up your casters or re-packing your bearings, make sure you follow the OEM specifications if you wish to make your wheelchair last or perform as new.  From using a screw to changing a battery.  It is always best to buy OEM.  Best to follow what it is originally designed.  Even in plastics, phalates and qualifications goes into a well designed brand.  Avoid knock offs.  They don’t have the R&D budget and engineering or warranty to back it.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help.  Just call, message, or email us and provide us with your model number and serial number.  We will be able to give you the exact Wheelchair Maintenance Tools you are looking for.  As you can see, getting the right Wheelchair Maintenance Tools for your wheelchair is super important.



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