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Active Wheelchairs

whiteatx4Our Active Wheelchairs are especially easy to maneuver and resemble a majority of sports wheelchairs that are out on the market today. If you live a fast-paced lifestyle and you’re looking for a wheelchair that is ultra lightweight and aerodynamic, then our active wheelchairs section may be the first place you want to look.

If you need an active wheelchair that is ideal for sports and other physical activites, our active wheelchair series features a lightweight frame with special detail to the design and structure.

Special features of S-ERGO ATX series include compact dimensions with a rigid structured frame that is foldable.  It is also seat height adjustable,backrest adjustable, and many more. This is the perfect wheelchair for anyone who enjoys sport tuned agility and needs a wheelchair that can keep up with their lifestyle.

Be sure to also check out our Ultralight Weight Category with many more selections that fall within this weight category.  Also learn about all the options and accessories that can be configured with this wheelchair such as Spinergy Wheels® and Frog Legs Suspensions ®.  Some of our ERGO series wheelchairs can also have various options to be added in which would all itself to challenge the active wheelchair category and nature of a sportier wheelchair.  The options are immense so be sure to consult with your dealer today!

S-Shape Seating System

Our S-Shape Seating System offers many advantages over the standard manual wheelchair seat. Not only is pressure distributed more evenly across the legs and rear, it also offers a more stable seating surface and prevents forward slippage.

tiltinspaceseatingchartThe world’s first S-Shaped ergonomic seating developed specifically for comfort and ergonomics. With over 22 patents and launched as a Global Product, this unique product is capable of relieving pressure, reducing sliding and promoting good posture.

All of our S-ERGO frames are CRASH TESTED.  This challenge was met with Ultralight Weight, Ergonomics, and Safety in mind and with an end product setting the bar for the highest of quality possible. Learn more optional cushions treated by AEIGIS® providing an anti-microbial coated seating system.  The best of the best wheelchairs are made just for you because you deserve it.

Finding the Perfect Wheelchair to FIT YOU is very important.  That is why we have launched the new ERGO FIT™ Campaign based on proper Wheelchair Ergonomics, comparing and contrasting both your bodies needs, your Wheelchair Dimensions, and also balancing the environment in which you will be enjoying your wheelchair.

Whether it is outdoors expeditions and ensuring that going up a ramp with the least amount of resistance, or being as comfortable as possible due to prolonged usage, our ERGO FIT™ methodology provides a countless amount of options and accessories, or models with specific variations designed to maximize your mobility and comfort.

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