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Like any other equipment, wheelchairs require maintenance for many reasons. Proper maintenance will help increase the lifespan of a wheelchair and prevent it from breaking down. The greatest benefit of a routine maintenance on a wheelchair is the chair’s performance. With proper functioning parts, it will decrease drag on the wheelchair and propelled with ease. The distance, amount of time, and effort used on their wheelchair can improve because of the usual strength required to push themselves around wouldn’t increase. Mobility can also increase while decreasing the negative impact that such movements can cause the body in the long run such as wear and tear of the muscles.

Safety is among the top reasons a wheelchair should receive routine maintenance. It can help avoid incidents like stuck, popped, or ripped wheels ripped seat, falls, and brake failures. Though one is likely to experience a failure when using a wheelchair any time, new users are among the highest at risk of experiencing a failure due to inexperience.

Wheel Maintenance

To prevent any wheel failures, then the wheels must be inspected at least once a week to ensure they are filled with the required air pressure or aren’t punctured. This will increase the wheels ability to roll freely with minimal resistance as possible. Inspections will lower the chances of getting a flat tire. This can be dangerous and time-consuming especially without assistance. Just like any vehicle wheels, the traction of the wheel’s threads can wear out and should be changed when half of the tread depth is used up to maximize, mobility and traction.

If your wheelchair uses solid wheels it must be inspected for any rips around the wheels to ensure the wheel is perfectly on the ground preventing slipping or getting stuck. Attachment to the rim is important to notice as well to prevent the rubber from detaching from the rim. If your wheelchair contains spoke wheels it is important to pluck them to help determine if they are loose or broken.

Sealed bearings are used in some wheelchairs, however, hair or strands of any sort can get into them causing the wheels to jam. Weekly cleaned wheels run more effectively bring great benefits to the user physically and health-wise. On some wheelchairs, it is important to check the axles and make sure they are cleaned every two wheels.

Your seating might not be seen as important like inspecting the wheels occasionally but it does make a difference. The seat must not be torn or worn out because it can lead to bad posture. Stretched out upholstery can cause discomfort in the long run and back pain. A simply inspections should be done once every two weeks by making sure seating material is not loose or torn up and if so replacing it immediately.

To learn more ways to maintain your wheelchair check out our tips below:

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