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People in wheelchairs may face many challenges on a day-to-day basis. Wheelchair users often are the target of attacks since they are unable to quickly escape a situation fast enough. Being a wheelchair user does not mean that you should be fearful. Below are some self-defense tips and links that will help you protect yourself in dangerous situations.

Be prepared

It is important to be prepared to protect yourself from a potential attack. A person in a wheelchair may be an easy target to attackers. Be mindful of your surroundings and learn ways to defend yourself.

Use your wheelchair as a weapon

Your wheelchair can be utilized during an attack. Hit the attacker’s shins with the wheelchair by thrusting the chair forward. This can cause the attacked lean forward or drop down to eye level giving you the opportunity to punch them in the nose.

Fight back

Use your wheelchair to your advantage. Use your vantage points by aiming for the attacker’s knees with your hand or an object. Attack the groin area and remember to block kicks.

Note: Defend yourself against wrist grabs. Be mindful of your arms. Don’t let an attacker pin down your arms. Keep them close to your body or the inside of the armrests.

Enroll in a self-defense class

There are many self-defense courses available for wheelchair users. For example, there are different variations of martial arts course specifically designed for those in wheelchairs.

Carry pepper spray

Keeping pepper spray with you is a good way to defend yourself during an attack. Pepper spray is low cost and can easily purchase. They are small and can be carried in your pocket or bag.

Aim the spray towards the face, specifically the eyes. This will leave the attacker in painfully blinded for approximately 45 minutes giving you an opportunity to get away.

Sound Personal Alarm

A small personal alarm uses a loud siren that could scare off the attacker and draw nearby attention.
Learn more about personal alarms here:

Use a stun gun

Stun guns are non-lethal personal protection devices that deliver a shock to an attacker and temporarily disables them. However, be sure inquire with your city’s regulations before purchasing a stun gun.

5 Self Defense Tips:

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