Believe it or not, wheelchair users can often find themselves a target of criminals. Wheelchair users are not as mobile as some sneaky thieves, but you don’t need to be overcome with fear if you are a wheelchair user. The self-defense techniques below will provide protection from attackers.

self defense tips for wheelchair users

Your Wheelchair is your Weapon 

Most criminals falsely believe that wheelchair users are easy helpless targets. But your wheelchair can actually be used as a weapon. Thieves don’t see it that way which is an advantage to you and you can easily surprise your attacker. Just thrusting your wheelchair forward and whacking them in the shins is enough to cause them great pain. Most of them fall forward and you can quickly punch them in the nose, eyes or throat.

Get Pepper Spray 

Pepper spray is available online for a reasonable price. Some are small enough that they can be attached to a keychain. Even with all the other self-defense approaches at hand, stopping your attacker in their tracks with pepper spray will give you time to escape to safety.

Blast Your Personal Alarm

You can attach an electronic whistle in a convenient location on your wheelchair that is easily accessible. Just one touch will sound a blaring alarm that can be heard far away. The noise will send your attacker running the other way. The alarm is most effective as the attacker is coming towards you. They will run away since they don’t want any unwanted attention.

Use a Stun Gun

Stun guns are not legal everywhere, be sure to know your local laws and obey those laws if you will be carrying this device. The stun gun gives your attacker an electric shock that stops them instantly. They are fairly small and you can easily carry one when riding in your wheelchair.

Aim for the Knees

If an attacker comes at you head on, they always leave their knees exposed. Knees are a very sensitive area of the body and a good whack with a hard object will cause severe pain. You want to hit them in a way that their knees go backward, breaking if possible. As a result, your attacker won’t be able to move and you can escape to safety and seek help.


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