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George Floyd Riots and a Woman in a Scooter

All over the world, people are sharing photos from Minnesota  Minneapolis is experiencing first hand racial and class disparities. From cell phone videos to News Anchor camera men teams, there is injustice happening everywhere. In this day and age, it is quicker to share stories through social media. People everywhere are showing their encounters with […]

Tranzit Go Foldable Power Wheelchair

When it comes to electric wheelchairs, one of the biggest issues is the chair’s size and weight making it difficult to travel with. Karman Healthcare has found a solution with the Tranzit Go Foldable Power Wheelchair. This revolutionary design derives from 25 years of manufacturing products and remains synonymous with Karman Healthcare’s highly held quality […]

Karman Healthcare’s 25th Anniversary

This year Karman Healthcare is celebrating its 25th anniversary! Let’s take a quick look at what this company has accomplished:   First established in 1994, Karman Healthcare is part of the mobility industry with over 200 different types of wheelchairs. They are the nation’s leading manufacturer in wheelchair innovation. Karman provides a full line of […]

Who Helped Improve the Wheelchair?

There have been many people who have helped make the wheelchair what it is today. Throughout history, the purpose of the wheelchairs has changed slightly to improve the needs of people. The first recorded wheelchair was engraved on an ancient Chinese stone but uncertain of the inventor. However, the first dedicated wheelchair known as the […]

What Do You Do When Life is Difficult Sometimes?

Everyone experiences a difficult moment at some point in their lives. Some may learn to deal with those situations while others don’t due to lack of information. There are many ways that can help anyone overcome these negative experiences. Drastic changes may take longer for others to deal with, and some may be able to […]

How Wheelchair Issues Have Been Fixed with Technology

Did you know about 11.6 million people in the U.S. have different types of disabilities and use different mobility devices? In this era of technology, many wheelchair issues have been brought to ease. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that people with disabilities, who are entirely dependent on a wheelchair, may feel alone and isolated. Technology […]

How Long Does it Take to Get Used to a New Wheelchair

How long it takes you to get used to a wheelchair depends on the type of wheelchair you are using and what your prior experience with wheelchairs may be. You may have chosen a basic wheelchair or a power wheelchair. But, being a first-time wheelchair user, you may find it difficult for a couple of […]


There are many famous people who have used wheelchairs. They each have left a profound impact in their respective fields despite their disabilities. Here are 5 famous people who used wheelchairs.   Stephen Hawking This renowned Physicist had a huge impact on quantum theory and gravitational physics. One of his most notable pieces of work […]

Who Invented the Wheelchair Ramp

The wheelchair ramp was not invented by one person. This accessibility tool has evolved into what it is today over time after years of disability activism. Ramps as People Movers Ramps have existed since ancient Greece. It was retooled as a way to move people in the 1900s during the design of New York’s Grand […]