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How Can You Get A Grant for a Wheelchair?

Wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and other disability equipment can be costly. Therefore, many people find it difficult to overcome the cost of getting this equipment in America. Luckily, there are several wheelchair assistance resources available to help cover the huge cost of wheelchairs and other mobility equipment. Grants are a common way to get wheelchairs […]

Wheelchairs in the United States

ergo lite wheelchair with people in usa

Independence in mobility is one of the most vital aspects of a higher quality of life for people with disabilities. Read below for more information on wheelchairs in the United States. Why Are Wheelchairs So Important? Independent mobility may be achieved with a wide variety of mobility-related devices. However, things like prosthetic devices, powered orthotics, […]

You Should Know About Wheelchairs

What is important to know about wheelchairs? Every year in the Paralympics, the majority of us get to witness as well as experience the marvelous sporting feats over the next few weeks. It is because of such events that, to a certain extent, being disabled is now viewed normally by many of us.  Yet, there […]

How to Qualify for SSD Benefits After a Spinal Cord Injury


Want to learn, how to Qualify for SSD Benefits After a Spinal Cord Injury? Every year there are more than 17,000 spinal cord injuries. Many are caused by accidents like diving accidents or auto accidents. In most cases, spinal cord injuries result in permanent injury that makes working impossible. Anyone who was working or has […]

Bonding with Animals in a wheelchair

dog wheelchair

Is it possible to be bonding with animals in a wheelchair? Animals in wheelchairs are becoming an increasingly familiar concept. There are now instances of goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, a mini horse, and even a wolf and fawn on wheels. Disabled animals that need wheelchairs or some sort of mobility devices to enable them to […]

Wheelchair companies see more jobs lost to COVID

photo of woman using laptop

Wheelchair companies see more jobs lost this year more than ever. We take a more broader approach here for a report on 2020-2026. Yes that’s right. We’ll need to look out into the future at least 5 years. Since 2020 has been the worse case in history. The pandemic has created more than 1% deaths […]

10 Tips on how to be a Healthy Wheelchair

Let’s do a deep dive on how to be a healthy wheelchair user. In a world full of deliciously unhealthy foods, staying healthy is not an easy lifestyle to take up. Similarly, being healthy as a wheelchair user in a world of delicious unhealthy foods is an even difficult lifestyle to pursue. A common problem […]

Happy Holidays from our BLOB Team!


Listen to Jingle Bells performed by Blob Opera. Then play four opera voices to create your own composition ? via @googlearts — Karman Healthcare (@KarmanHC) December 17, 2020 Posted by Karman Healthcare Inc. on Friday, December 18, 2020 Play on your smart phone now! It’s really great

Travel in the most Wheelchair Friendly Cities

wheelchair friendly cities

What are the world’s most wheelchair friendly cities? When it comes to wheelchair-friendly travel, not all places have the same accessibility and environment. Certain cities around the globe have made commendable strides towards. Thus becoming accessible and have earned the gratitude of tourist wheelchair users. If you want to skip to our favorite, the video […]

Best Gift Ideas For Wheelchair Users

Watch the below video for the top 50 best gift ideas for wheelchair users. Consider yourself lucky if you are very close to the gift receiver. Therefore, buying gifts can be a tedious task in case you are not so close. Whereas in the case of buying gifts for a person in a wheelchair, it […]