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Watch the below video for the top 50 best gift ideas for wheelchair users. Consider yourself lucky if you are very close to the gift receiver.

Therefore, buying gifts can be a tedious task in case you are not so close. Whereas in the case of buying gifts for a person in a wheelchair, it can be even harder, especially if you are fit and never had to use a wheelchair. Amongst many gift ideas, a few unique gift ideas for people with disabilities include practical presents that will show them how much you care. These are listed below.  

Before we get into our research, due to COVID and the pandemic, right now the best item to purchase for anyone is facemasks.


Yes, shoes! Our study shows that shoes are a great gift idea for a wheelchair user. Wait, shoes? Really? Yes, really. We have found that shoes are a great gift idea for someone in a wheelchair. For example, popular with the young female demographic are UGGs, which have been around for a while. Still, in recent years, they have become popular with everyone for good reasons: they look nice, feel comfortable, are easy to put on and take off, and they keep your feet warm, which is more important.

Moreover,wheelchair users commonly have issues regulating their body temperature, and keeping themselves warm while they travel outside is a clear-cut win.

Massage wrap

Manual wheelchair users often suffer from neck and shoulder pain. Therefore, if you know someone who is suffering or has complained about these aches, offer some relief with a therapy neck and shoulder massage wrap.

Moreover, females in their old age complain about these aches, so this can be one of the few great gift ideas for mom.

These massage wraps are designed to fit comfortably on either one or both the shoulders while also covering the neck. These wraps provide heat, which can help relieve the pain and provide comfort, especially in colder months.

Heating pad

Heating pads provide relief in aches and pain in tired muscles. As such, these heating pads are designed to stimulate blood flow. 

Furthermore, the user-friendliness of these pads does not only benefit wheelchair users, but everyone in the family can enjoy them. These heating pads come with an adjustable cord, which can be extended to reach from an outlet to a wheelchair if necessary.

Wheel pouches

In case you are looking for unique gift ideas for dad, then wheel pouches would serve your purpose because every person with a disability who is constantly on the move will love this practical gift.

These wheel pouches will provide them with ample storage space for all their necessities, work materials, office folders, or spare clothing. Each pouch has a secure inner compartment ideal for the storage of valuables. Most models are designed for regular wheelchairs and are easy to attach and remove. 

SAD lamp

Depression is one of the most common problems for people with disabilities. Many professionals in this field have reported some of the highest rates of stress, depression, and anxiety as compared to people with no disability.

Therefore, while you can’t do much to cure their depression, you can help boost the production of serotonin in their brain with a SAD lamp. The SAD lamp emits illumination that imitates the natural light, which improves mood and wellbeing.

Keep them on your desk while you work, and take advantage of the healthy natural light that improves focus and boosts energy levels. 

Food Subscription Boxes

Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas for him or her? If so, then a very common issue for someone in a wheelchair is buying groceries from the store. Half of the ingredients are too high on the shelf, and asking someone for help each time is embarrassing.

Furthermore, navigating a wheelchair down narrow aisles crowded with carts can be very difficult and induce anxiety in most. Just to avoid all the hassle, gift them a food subscription box. The boxes are packed with all the ingredients you need and are delivered straight to your home to cook a healthy and delicious meal.

New tech 

Many wheelchair users have developed a huge interest in new tech advancements since they are practical and easy to use. Consider grabbing a VR set and gift it to your friend who loves video games to make his gaming experience even better, or you may consider upgrading your old thermostat to a modern one and make your house as cozy as possible.

Moreoever, there is a huge list of many neat gift ideas for tech lovers that will be beneficial for them in their everyday life as well as fun to try. So, why not look for something interesting and within your budget over the internet and make someone happy.

Voice recognition program

Make life easier for those wheelchair users who find it difficult to type messages or prefer to live fast and not waste time on texting by gifting them a practical voice recognition program.

Furthermore, this software allows the user to say whatever they have to say, and the program does all the “typing.” Pick the software that is compatible with both computers and smartphones for the most versatile use.

Some of the best programs even learn your vocabulary, thus avoiding mistakes and resulting in accurate and fast typing.

Sleep help

Most people who are temporarily forced to be in a wheelchair have reported sleep trouble and insomnia.

In addition, issues such as fatigue, depression, chronic pain, pressure sores, bowel and bladder issues, or just the lack of exercise are common in wheelchair users, which makes sleeping difficult.

Furthermore, surprise your friend with something that will make their nights more comfortable.

You can do this by gifting those items, such as a white noise machine. A white noise machine helps with removing background noise and, in return, provides a soft and soothing sound.

Also, essential oils used with a humidifier or with a scented candle are good options. 

Cinema gift cards

Start the night with dinner and finish with a romantic movie by gifting your significant one in a wheelchair some cool cinema gift cards. The best thing about these gift cards is that you can even use this gift together and go see all the blockbusters.


We hope that this article has helped you pick out a perfect gift for your loved one with mobility issues this Christmas. 

All these Christmas gift ideas will make their life happier and more fun, so are you ready to shop for some presents? The best thing you may want to give them may be a new wheelchair!