In this article we will focus on those who had a recent life changing event like a disability and the effect on families. The hardest part of overcoming such an event is acceptance. It won’t happen overnight and everyone have their own way of dealing with it.

Everyone including the family will go through a period of grief. You will mourn for the things you previously took for granted. Keep in mind that there is a new beginning, a new life at the end of the tunnel.

accepting life in wheelchair

Making your Home Accessible

Getting your home safe and accessible is your first priority one you leave rehab. Some items you will need include a ramp, shower chair, grabbing devices and a way to organize all the things you will need to reach for everyday life. Be sure you have enough space for the wheelchair to move around safely in your home. 

You will need to look at the type of flooring you have. Carpeting is difficult to push around a wheelchair. Hard floor surfaces like hardwood are a better option. The more accessible you can make your home the better you will feel and you will have hope of becoming independent again.

creating a budget for a wheelchair

Creating a Budget and Sticking to It

You will have to come up with a budget to match your reduced income and follow it. Ask your social worker about what benefits your state has for people with your condition. Take advantage of these benefits even if you don’t want to, at least for now.

Don’t be ashamed for getting help you need to survive. For those who have VA benefits, get them going as soon as possible. Dealing with insurance companies might be challenging at first but stay with it until you get what you are looking for.

A support group of those who have gone through what you are currently going through could be very helpful. You can find these groups in almost every community and they meet to discuss how they deal with the challenges of their disabilities. Counseling might be a good option if things become overwhelming.

Family and Friends

Developing a good support system is very important. Most people know you won’t adjust to your disability overnight and that it will take a while for you to be emotionally balanced again. Your best friend for rediscovering your self-confidence is a positive outlook.

Get out and enjoy fun activities with friends on a regular basis. There are even sporting activities specifically for those in wheelchairs. Life doesn’t end after the accident, so be sure to nurture your physical, spiritual and mental health. Although it is natural to be angry when you were first disabled, it is important not to stay angry.


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