When a person is suffering from dementia, sometimes it is important for them to have the option to use a wheelchair full or part time depending on their condition.

The first thing to look into when you or your loved one requires a wheelchair is a temporary option. This would include inquiring about a manual wheelchair at the elderly or retirement home; this would be the most accessible way to get a chair quickly.

Wheelchair for Dementia Sufferers

Retirement Homes and Caregiver Housing is the First Option

This depends on whether the individual lives in a retirement home or a similar place.

When it comes to acquiring a wheelchair at an elderly person’s location, you must keep in mind that they will more than likely have a wheelchair that is simple and not exactly designed for all users. Having a seat belt or harness in place is important to prevent an injury with a person suffering from extreme dementia.

Keeping their limbs in a safe position at all times is one of the most important issues with dementia patients. This includes keeping their arms and legs in place to avoid any type of injury that may happen when using a wheelchair.

Small-Wheel Based Wheelchair for Dementia Patients

It is recommended that the chair should have small wheels that are catered towards a caretaker at the location of the individual. This would prevent any sort of problem that may come from having big wheels, and the patient being able to propel on their own without supervision.

For any permanent situations where a user requires a wheelchair at all times because of their condition, you may need to look into buying one through a dealer. A permanent option would be ideal since you would be able to choose which type of wheelchair is necessary and also what features the individual needs.


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