I love comedians as friends, they seem to have a dark side that I can totally relate to. Some people suggest that the funniest comedians are depressed and having suffering a life altering disability, I can easily relate to them. But if you hang out with comedians long enough, you will get offended at sometime and this happened to me when my comedian friend Joey make fun of my shoe collection.

I love my shoes and they helped me through my dark times when I was first injured. Wearing a pair of cute shoes helped me to “reclaim” my legs although I could no longer walk. At 5′ 10″ with naturally long legs, it was painful knowing I couldn’t show off my legs anymore.

Wearing Heels on a Wheelchair

However, with a nice pair of heels your legs still look great sitting as they would standing. You still get that arch and sexy look that fashionable women strive for. They do nothing for your butt when sitting but they do make your legs look nice.

Discovering shoes changed my world and I now had endless possibilities. Shoes helped me to feel beautiful again. Ten years on and I have a closet packed with shoes – boots, strappy sandals, platform heels, booties, Uggs, thigh high boots basic black heels and much more. My collection was great however Joe had funny thoughts about that.

Fashion is not Lost on Wheelchair Users

One day he asked me, “Why do you tie your shoes?” Actually why wear shoes at all? It’s not like you’ll be walking anyways! Well just then Joe stopped being funny!

Was he totally blind to the reason?  They were fashionable, they make your feet look great. They complete your ensemble, they are the icing on the cake.

I calmly told him that shoes were amazing even if I couldn’t walk, but I don’t have to tie them tight anymore! He was totally unaware that spasms can make your feet kick involuntary and there goes your shoes. They can easily fall off when being transferred too. So they still have to be tied even if you are paralyzed.

I don’t think my explanation sunk in with him and he probably went away saying to himself that people in wheelchairs don’t need shoes, but I’m glad I defended myself. So the next time you see someone in a wheelchair in the shoe department you will understand their need for shoes. I think it is time for me to go shoe shopping again soon. 🙂


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