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Accessibility for All

Disney Land is known for the creation of a magical world where anyone can experience a magical time. Disneyland has gone the extra mile to make sure everyone is able to have that experience including people in wheelchairs or mobility scooters regardless of the reason of use. The experience is not just while in the theme park but extended to the stay at Disney resorts. Many wheelchair users feel Disney World is one of the most accessible theme parks they have visited. This is due to the extensive behind the scene work Disney World workers do to ensure the magical experience of those individuals and friends.

Disney World suggests using a wheelchair if the individual is unable to walk or stand for long periods of times or has any mobility challenges. This is because the park is roughly 500 acres big which will be nearly impossible to enjoy without the assistance of a wheelchair. To make it more convenient for the individual and their party it is highly recommended that an electrical convince Vehicle known as (ECV) because it will allow the individual to have a bit more freedom and prevent their party from getting more tired pushing them around.

Wheelchair vs. Electrical Convince Vehicle

Wheelchair users or ECV users can do so much in the park but depends on the conditions of each individual. A very small amount of attractions are not wheelchair accessible but is able to transfer with the use of a steady arm one can enjoy those rides. Some rides can be slowed down in order for those individuals to enjoy as well. Even though some rides do have wheelchair entrances individuals are not passed right up front of everyone else instead, Disney World has altered the entrances to allow those in wheelchairs or ECV to wait with the rest of the people.

Disney World does provide wheelchairs if necessary, however, are loaned out on a first come first serve basis which can’t be a reserved in advance. One must arrive early to ensure they get one on the busy days. Outside rentals are permitted but one has to contact Disney to make sure which companies are able to drop off without your presence. Another option would be to rent from outside if the person has the proper equipment or space to transport wheelchairs or ECV.

Helpful Staff

Disney has trained staff that will assist anyone and has made it easier to get around the park without any issues when using a wheelchair. They want guests to enjoy the park rather than stress about the small stuff that is why they go on and beyond for their guest.

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