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Karman has had two of their wheelchairs selected as the two of the top five best outdoor wheelchairs. This demonstrates that Karman Healthcare is devoted to providing the top of the line equipment to allow those without the capability to get around have the most mobility possible. They specialize in all types of equipment like Wheelchair, Electric Wheelchairs, Scooters, and walking aids like rollators and walkers. Karman Healthcare has developed many designs that continues to improve wheelchair dynamics, accessibility, and comfort.

Karman’s S-305 Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair.

The first and number one of the top five outdoor wheelchairs is Karman’s S-305 Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair. It has the highest customer rating for comfort and durability making it one of the best and top sold in the market.

It is lightweight yet remains sturdy, unlike many wheelchairs in order to obtain sturdiness one must sacrifice on the weight feature that is beneficial for many. This feature is important for many because it allows them to use less energy to propel themselves or move around easier. It includes top of the line padding with an anti-bacterial seat. The padding helps to improve the comfort of the wheelchair experience that can help improve posture and reduce physical harm to the structure of the spine. The anti-bacterial seat help reduce the chances of obtaining an infection by allowing the body heat to escape the body to go through the seat. This prevents moisture from building up. This is an important feature for those that have used a wheelchair for long periods of times.

This wheelchair also comes with quick release wheels yet can be tricky to operate but can be a great feature many benefits from is learned.

LT-980 Ultra-Lightweight

Karman Healthcare’s second wheelchair that placed within the top five was the LT-980 Ultra-Lightweight wheelchair that placed fifth. This wheelchair regardless of the traded off features managed to place among the top five due to the extremely lightweight design.

The tradeoff features include footrest adjustment and armrest adjustment which can be important but was removed to provide a sturdy yet lightweight wheelchair some need. The wheelchair only weighs 24 pounds which can be easy to transport it increase the possibility for many to lift it into a vehicle. Thanks to the feature of the tread on the wheels it offers a smooth ride in the home and outdoors such as sidewalks.

These wheelchairs alone do not have the capability to be easily used on grass as they are. It is possible with the use of the freewheel that's attached to the front of the frame of the wheelchair and that expands the use of the wheelchair on many more surfaces.

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