Even though grandparents might have regrets about activities they can no longer do with their grandchildren due to their disabilities, they can provide a valuable learning opportunity to show their grandchildren how to deal with people with disabilities.

The relationship between handicapped grandparents and their grandkids is influenced by the beginning of the impairment. Some grandchildren never knew their grandparents to be entirely healthy people, while a much more common circumstance is when grandchildren observe their grandparents becoming progressively less able.

Having fun with grandchildren could very well be tiring. For grandparents with disabilities, the problems are increased. Nutritious eating, a suitable exercise plan and plenty of rest are beneficial, but maintaining a great state of mind is of significant importance. Grandparents with an array of disabilities provided the following useful tips:

Dealing with Tiredness

The majority of grandparents with disabilities have established coping techniques so they are able to still have fun with the grandkids. However, exhaustion is an issue for many grandparents and can be a major issue for those with a disability. Getting adequate rest is always the first line of defense against fatigue. Taking short breaks to recharge is always helpful.

Answering Questions

Little children are inquisitive, and grandchildren are no different. The majority of grandparents with disabilities at some point will face queries from their grandchildren. The key is to respond to each concern honestly in a manner that they are able to comprehend at their age.

A lot of impaired grandparents recognize that their grandchildren will be growing up a bit smarter and more compassionate on account of their exposure to disability. Grandkids discover the important lesson of looking beyond a person’s handicap, ethnicity, age etc and learn it is what’s on the inside that is really important. In certain situations grandchildren can be great ice breakers especially when strangers tend to stare.

Another valuable lesson that grandparents can pass on is that life is not always easy but the grandchildren can overcome any obstacle with faith and courage.

Storytelling is one of the most treasured relationships between grandparents and grandchildren. A grandparent with limited mobility can still tell stories either from experience or from reading books. These activities don’t require much physical activity but are still enjoyable for both grandparent and grandchild. This is also a great opportunity for the grandparent to pass on lessons about the experience of being physically disabled and how the disability can be overcome with creativity and patience.

Traveling for Grandparents

Grandparents with limited mobility can share their artistic abilities with their grandchildren. In addition to the usual drawing and coloring, grandparents and grandchildren may enjoy doing paper crafts and making bead jewelry.

Traveling for grandparents can still be fun but might require a little extra planning. Grandparents can still have fun at the park with their grandkids and even give them rides in their electric powered wheelchair or scooter.

The amazing thing is how quickly grandchildren adapt to the physical disability of a grandparent. Some grandkids almost instinctively know what to do and how to deal with a physically disabled grandparent. The lessons learned from this relationship will be great life lessons for the grandchild that can be applied to various challenges they will come across later in life.