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Repairing a wheel on a wheelchair can be very easy depending on the type of wheel one has. Something wheels have to be taken to shops that fix the puncture like bike shops with specific equipment. Other times the wheel can’t be fixed due to the threads being used up, puncture causing rubber to rip significantly, or rubber detaching from the rim. In order to understand how to fix a wheelchair wheel, one must know the different type of wheels for wheelchairs out there.

Understanding the different types of Wheels

There is three type of wheels wheelchairs use and each is used for a different purpose. Each type of wheel allows individuals to use their wheelchairs on different types of flooring that ranges from hardwood floor to sandy sidewalks near the beach. Each type of wheel is made different and that’s the reason wheelchair users must know what kind they use to be able to fix any issue with it.

Solid Wheels

The first and most common wheelchair wheel is the solid wheel that is made out of rubber which is mainly for Indoor use because it is easier to propel on hard flat surfaces. This type of wheel is the best in many people’s opinion and most common on manual wheelchairs because it is basically maintenance free. However, if used on bumpy surfaces it does not abort shocks making it a very uncomfortable ride.

Pneumatic Tires

The second type of wheel is pneumatic tires that can go flat if punctured and will go soft even without any damage yet provides a very comfortable ride because unlike solid wheels Pneumatic wheels do absorb shocks. When this type of wheel goes flat there are kits that are sold to patch up any punctures or can be taken to a tire shop for bicycles where they can fit the issue. Sometimes it’s a simple patch that’s needed and rarely a new inner tube will have to be replaced if the puncture was wide. This type of wheel is the one that requires the most maintenance of all three because air pressure has to be checked regularly and is the only that can go flat at any moment.

Flat Free Tires

The third type of wheel is the flat free tire that is made like the pneumatic tire but instead of having an air-filled inner tube it is filled in with rubber or semi-solid foam. This type of wheel has to be replaced once the threads become thin so that the wheelchair can continue to go over different types of flooring. This is very popular because it provides a smooth ride without the maintenance of a pneumatic wheel.

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