For those who have a lower body disability and a weak upper body, an electric wheelchair is the perfect solution for mobility. They are very convenient for the user and their batteries or power supply can be recharged by just plugging it into an electrical outlet.

Electric wheelchairs are great for providing the user with mobility and helping them to regain some form of control of their life.

Electric wheelchairs are powered by rechargeable batteries. These wheelchairs are bigger, sturdier and heavier than regular wheelchairs because they also have to carry the extra weight of the motor and batteries. Electric wheelchairs were designed to give those with disabilities a means of easy mobility.

The Convenience of Electric Wheelchairs

Electric Wheelchairs can Help You Get Around

There are some users who have disabilities that will not allow them to use the conventional controls. They have become very popular because of their ability to give power back the injured, elderly or disabled by providing mobility. Electric wheelchairs are available in numerous models and in a wide range of budgets.

Although power wheelchairs are convenient to use, transporting them can be challenging at times. They come with a couple of drive options which will vary according to the placement of the larger set of wheels.

Types of Electric Wheelchairs

Rear-wheel drives are the fastest but they are unstable on uneven terrain. The front-wheel drives are slower but have more control with some newer designs actually tightening the turning radius.

Increased demands for mobility devices are inspiring new mobility devices that look nothing like wheelchairs. The newer designs look more like scooters than the regular wheelchairs.

From Functionality to Individuality

They are now highly customizable and users can find or customize one to suit their very specific needs also well as all the necessary accessories to personalize their chair. There is a definite shift from functionality to individuality.

Technology has advanced to where wheelchair users can safely go up and down stairs unassisted. One such device is the disabled lift which is really a slide and folding platform and they usually come with automatic or semiautomatic features.

They are becoming more popular in newer buildings, on public transport systems and also in private mobility automobiles.

Chair lifts can be a very useful device in buildings, especially ones where there are disabled or elderly residents. Wheelchairs are now highly customizable and no doubt in the very near future, there will be chairs that can climb and descend stairs with ease.


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