For individuals who suffer from quadriplegia, it is difficult to open doors when they are trying to get to another room or outdoors.

The problem with regular doorknobs and other similar door devices, is that it is hard to reach and sometimes impossible to use. Since an individual can use a doorway on a regular basis to get around, door accessibility is very important.

door opener for quadriplegic

Different Options Depending on Daily Needs and your Budget

There are several options when it comes to making it easy for a person suffering from quadriplegia to use a door. There is the expensive yet easy option of buying an electric door opener. An electric door opener will usually have either a remote control to open the door automatically or a sensor that is activated when someone comes within a certain range of the door.

The first thing you would need to do is search online for an electric door opener, there are some that are cheaper than others, and there are some that have more features than cheaper door openers.

Electric or Battery Powered Door Opener?

One thing to remember about electric door openers is that they are electrically powered, which means that if the lights go out the door device may not work. For that reason, I would recommend setting up some type of auxiliary battery system that activates when the power goes out, or that runs at all times to allow you to open the door without any problems.

There are DIY alternatives out there as well, this includes setting up an elaborate system of strings that would need to pull in order to open a door. This system of strings would be installed onto the doorknob or door handle, to facilitate opening a door for a quadriplegic person.


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