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Yoga is a spiritual practice from India that is practiced for relaxation and health benefits. It disciplines in breath control, meditation, and body postures in order to liberate from the daily life. In order to reach tranquility, a series of postures and breathing exercises are practiced to achieve control of the body and mind.


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What are the benefits of (wheelchair) yoga?

  1.  Reduce stress and anxiety
  2.  Improve mental focus and clarity
  3.  Flexibility
  4.  Increased strength
  5.  Improved sense of well being

Wheelchair users are able to practice yoga while taking consideration of his or her limitations. Before practicing yoga, first consult with a doctor. When practicing yoga in a wheelchair, focus on expressing each pose and breathe normally as you hold each stretch. Keep in mind to stretch based on your ability and limitation. You should feel tension not pain.

Below are 8 wheelchair yoga poses:

  1.  Cat Pose
  2.  Cow Pose
  3.  Side Stretch
  4.  Twist
  5.  Eagle Pose
  6.  Forward Bend
  7.  Hip Stretch
  8.  Leg Stretch




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