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Wheelchair Photography Starter Plan

If you need a fun hobby to do that does not really cost much then photography is for you. You can take amazing pictures of your very own wheelchair without needing to be a professional. In fact, if you do not have money to buy an extra camera but you have a smartphone then you can use your smartphone. Because smartphones now have a very good lens built in and you can also download apps to help you adjust the camera to your likings. A basic digital camera can run you on average $400 brand new but you can also buy one used on craigslist. If you choose to buy your equipment from users on craigslist make sure you do it safely because you can’t forget that they are complete strangers. Another great place to get your camera or equipment is an app called Offer up. In this app, you meet with local users in a certain mile range.

budget camera

The Camera

Learn to use the camera you buy and learn a little of the basics of photography so you can take better pictures. Here is a link to YouTube videos to help you visualize some lessons. Look for a video that includes the camera you own and watch it multiple times o you won’t forget because it can be a lot of information to take in. Another great suggestion would be to take a course regarding the basics of it because it will help you the best and prepare you for your new hobby.

wheelchair in ocean


After you have bought your new camera or you are just going with your smartphone then you need to start planning out when you are going to go out and start shooting. Go to your closest city where they have amazing vies and building structures and have at it. Before you go out a plan where exactly you are headed or if you are adventurous just go everywhere! Keeping the plans in a planner can be proven helpful because you will not forget where you want to go.

The city of LA

Taking Pictures

You have come this far and now you are out on the field and ready to start taking pictures. Have that camera charged and hat bi-pod ready and taking pictures in the evening will be more enjoyable because the sun starts to set and you will get those pictures you end up framing. Since it is your first time then take a lot of pictures so you won’t leave out the one shot you are looking to get. Do not forget the tips you have learned from the YouTube videos and use them to your advantage.

working in a wheelchair


When you are finally home and you have your memory filled with all the pictures get ready to start editing some of those pictures. Delete the ones you do not want or that did not come out as good as the others. There are editing websites and software’s you can use like Adobe Lightroom. You can also use Adobe Photoshop but these products cost money and are the industries best products to use.

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