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Just because you are bound to the wheelchair does not mean that you are bound to stay indoors. Below are wheelchair accessible activities to do while  enjoying the outdoors.

Wheelchair Hiking

It may sound like a challenging activity to do but hiking is a great source of exercise while enjoying nature. Check out our Wheelchair Accessible Hiking Trials blog post to find hiking trails near you.

Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is an outdoor activity where you use a large surfboard to stand on top to paddle the board. They are wheelchair accessible due to their buoyancy. This is a great activity to do especially in the summer.

Hand Cycling

Hand cycling is the most adaptable outdoor activities. It varies in design, which makes them accessible for people with all types of mobility restrictions. You can travel at high speeds or enjoy a casual stroll. It’s a fun activity to do with friends,


Sailing allows you to enjoy the breeze and the movement of the water. It is mostly an upper body strength activity where you navigate the sail boat by the power of the wind. Disabled Sports provides great information about sailing.

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