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The Mixture of Tattoo Ink and a Wheelchair

Expressing yourself is a part of being human and for certain people, they feel need to express themselves more. Being in a wheelchair should not make you feel like you could only express yourself less than a person without a wheelchair. Getting a tattoo can be a creative way of expressing yourself. You do not have to get a huge ink tattoo yet I can be something simple as a name of someone or of something you believe in. If you have the pain tolerance and the will to get a tattoo then go for it and have fun with it. It will be a great conversation starter to other wheelchair users that are also thinking of getting there own tattoo or tattoos. Lachlan Nicholson wrote a blog post regarding his experiences having tattoos and being in a wheelchair. He also features images of his tattoos he got done so you will also enjoy that. Here is the link to this post you can read after you finish reading this one.

hand tattoo

What Tattoo Should You Get?

Before you get a tattoo consider what you are going to get and consider it for a good amount of time because you have to remember that it will not come off unless you get it removed by a laser. That is more painful than getting the actual tattoo done itself. Google some tattoo ideas or images of other people that have gotten one done. You can either copy the idea they got or you can tweak the idea a bit and add your two cents. Think about the colors and the actual design, like something that means a lot to you and not something that is based on something you feel temporary. If you have children then consider getting the names of them or you could even get their face on you.

getting a tattoo

Where to Get The Tattoo

Get the tattoo where they are wheelchair accessible and you feel comfortable in. Call ahead of time and also check the reviews of the place of business first. If you see a multitude of bad reviews then simply move on to the next Google result. Try social media because sometimes there are tattoo artists on there that can do house calls and charge you a flat rate. They also have their artwork they have done in the profile itself. Send them a private message and let them know you are in a wheelchair and accommodations can they do regarding that. Another great suggestion is asking any friends of friends that you know. This will probably be the best choice because you will be the most comfortable. They will already know you need accommodations because of the wheelchair and accommodate it accordingly.

Once you get your tattoo done you now have something to be proud of because it is a small way to express yourself. You might get something called “ink fever” which is when people with a lot of them get the urge to keep getting more and more. Be aware of the fun disease of ink fever you might get.      

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