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Is Reading Right For You?

From time to time we tend to get tired of looking at our phone screen or even computer screen. When that happens and you start to get that killer headache then you start to realize you need some time to rest your vision. Reading comes in handy when that starts to happen because you do not need to be staring at a screen unless you read digitally. There are many ways you can go about reading for fun or reading to simply learn to abut a specific topic. Reading overall will only benefit you and you should turn it into a hobby. In this article, we will go over some tips to help you get started. Some benefits that are well-known include, helping you relax, helps sleep, increases intelligence, and many more!

wheelchair and a book

The Type of Books You Should Read

Ask yourself what type of books you are most interested in because if you are not into the book then you will not want to keep reading it. A great suggestion is a fiction book because it will keep you on the edge of your wheelchair and be having you reading until the end. If you love action movies and that sort of stuff then yes try fiction books. If that type of genre bores you to death just stick to non-fiction. Self-development books are also a good choice because they not only motivate you but they will also spark something in your head that will lead to productivity and it will become a domino effect.

online shopping

Where to buy your books

There is a good amount of bookstores you should have locally in our area. If you cannot find a neighborhood store than you can also try online. A reputable source is Barnes and Noble, they have a website you can visit and search through thousands of books and other reading materials if you need them. Sometimes the store offers free shipping for first customers and a discounted price for first-time purchases as well. Amazon is also a very good place you can buy books online and they have a vast amount of books you can choose from. With Amazon, you can choose from different star ratings and price ranges which is very helpful to narrow your searches. If you feel online is not for you then just go to different garage sales on the weekends. You will not find many genres but you will for sure find very good deals. Finding books at garage sales is for someone who is not picky about the books they just want to get started already.

girl in wheelchair reading

Just Start Reading

Once you have your books you should consider having a bookshelf because your library will grow once it turns into a regular hobby. Find a room with no sound or just play soft music in the background so you can concentrate on the book. If it is a book you are using to learn from then start to take notes and summaries after every chapter. Get yourself some snacks and focus on one book at a time so you won’t feel like you are everywhere.

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