Most spinal injuries are a result of road or pedestrian accidents, work or sports accidents and even medical negligence in some cases. The injury also affects the sufferer’s friends and family.

Life will never be the same after a serious spinal injury and the effects are long term. Spinal injuries can damage the nervous system which affects movement, sensation and bodily functions. These injuries often require a life time of ongoing medical care and support. Every year in the UK approximately 2,000 people suffer traumatic spinal cord injuries which lead to permanent paralysis.

Coping with spinal injuries will take time, perseverance and patience. Spinal cord injury sufferers all face a long and tough road to recovery. The road to recovery begins with the initial treatment program and then moves onto supportive care and rehabilitation probably for the rest of their life.

Wheelchair Accessibility

There will be numerous emotional, physical, psychological and logistical challenges ahead. The financial impact will also be major. Treating long term spinal injuries is very costly.

Apart from medical expenses in the beginning like the first treatment, surgical treatment, hospitalization and drugs, you have continuing and usually unexpected costs like the expenses needed for buying specialized devices like wheelchairs or the cost in transforming a residence to ensure it is well suited for wheelchair accessibility. Long term care might involve specialized home care along with ongoing medication and even more surgery.

How to Deal with Uncertainty

When trying to get back on track and go on with life, you might want to consider a legal input. The victims and families need to make sure that their best interest is taken care of.

When dealing with the fall out of serious accident, deal with lawyers who have expertise in this area and know what they are talking about. A good lawyer with experience dealing with spinal injury victims can get all the necessary medical and financial help the victims need to get life back on track.

An experience trauma lawyer will understand that recovery will also involve physical and occupational therapy along with counseling for emotional support. They can make your long road to recovery much easier.