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Everyday tasks could be difficult for the elderly and people with disabilities due to their circumstances. However, that should not limit the ability to accomplish daily tasks. There are many products in the market that can assist elders and people with disabilities to make everyday tasks easier to accomplish. Some may even make the user be more independent in doing the task without asking for assistance. Below are products that will help provide support and assistance for everyday tasks.

At Karman Healthcare, we have the daily aids that you need to assist you in everyday situations. Click below for more information about our products:


Daily Aids




Karman R4600 Rollator

Karman R4100 Rollator


Rollator is a great mobility aid for people for need support when walking. It usually have 3-4 wheels at the bottom that provides stability and maintains balance when moving. Not only does it make walking easier, it also lets you sit down when you need to catch a breath or have an area for you to put your belongings.  Rollator comes in varies shapes, sizes, and features. Most comes in standard features such as handbrakes, adjustable heights, and padded seat. Some even comes with a basket or under seat storage where you can put your personal belongings.


Wheelchair Headrest


Karman Wheelchair Headrest

If you are a wheelchair user, consider investing a head rest that will help support your head when sitting on the chair for a long time. Not only does it prevent neck pain or sore neck, it allows you to rest your head for a more comfortable experience.



Bed Rail


Karman Healthcare Bed Assist Rail

Getting up from your bed to start the day is generally already difficult. However, if you are an elder or someone with disabilities, it is even more difficult when you need more upper body support to lift yourself up. Bed rail is the perfect daily aid to assist you to wake up anytime of the day. Just slip the bed rail under the mattresses and you have yourself a rail to hold onto when you are getting up from the bed.


Assist Rail

Karman Healthcare Assist Rail

Assist rail allows you to have a hand bar to grip onto when getting up from the couch, recliner, or anywhere in your house. It provides support and stability to safely transfer from one place to another.


Shower Chair


Karman Healthcare Shower Chair with Back Support

Karman Healthcare Shower Chair


Shower chair is a great bathroom accessory to have to make the showering experience safe. Depending on the size of the shower chair, you can put it in the shower area or in the bathtub. Stand shower chair comes with 4 aluminum legs  and durable resin seat. Some comes with a back support to make it more comfortable to sit down. Falling or slipping in the bathroom is risky for elders or people with disabilities. Having a shower chair prevents them from happening. Shower chair can also allow user to shower independently without having to ask for assistance.






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