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Do you or your disabled family member need a wheelchair? Or you want to donate something to wheelchair users? Wheelchair organizations are the best option to get the donors and recipients connected. There are various organizations providing donations and mobility aid to individuals in need.

Let us explore top organizations providing aid to wheelchair users in the U.S and internationally.

International Wheelchair Foundation 

Since its incorporation, Wheelchair Foundation is working with the aim to provide free wheelchairs worldwide. It supplies wheelchair to children, adults, and people of all age groups, who can’t afford to buy a wheelchair, for over 150 countries. According to their website, the foundation has donated over 1 million wheelchairs to needy people worldwide for last 17years.

Hope Haven International

An international charitable organization providing wheelchairs in almost 108 countries. This non-profit organization welcomes the used and new wheelchairs and after refurbishment, distributes them to needy people in different countries through a dedicated group of international volunteers and professionals.

Joni and Friends

Joni and her volunteer staff aim to provide spiritual refreshment and fun to disabled people. Besides providing a retreat to the people with disabilities, Joni and friends provide wheelchairs to people in need. They also accept wheelchair donations and other charities with the aim to redistribute them.  

Direct Relief International

Direct Relief is an international organization providing medical services in 80 plus countries worldwide including all 50 states of USA. The organization supplies life-saving medicines to doctors and nurses worldwide; helps countries in disasters and provides wheelchair donations to needy people.

Chariots of Hope
Ensuring freedom of mobility, this organization accepts used wheelchairs and renovate them for redistribution to needy people at no cost.

American Outreach Foundation

The non-profit organization, welcoming the donation of used, old and new wheelchairs. It aims to make people happy by accepting the wheelchair donations and gives them to needy people free of cost. The organization also renovated used and old wheelchair so that needy people may have them in new condition.

Friends of Disabled Adults and Children

Established with the purpose to provide refurbished equipment, including wheelchairs, to children and adults. The organization provides free of cost or cheap wheelchairs to needy people depending on their financial condition.

LifeNets- Wheelchair Project

Welcomes wheelchairs donations and redistributes it to needy people who can’t afford wheelchair in the US.

Mobility International USA

A cross-disability organization; serving people with hearing, mental health, cognitive, physical and other disabilities. It aims to empower disabled people with their basic rights through international development.

Special Kids Fund

An alliance of schools, social service organizations and hospitals taking care of special kids and at-risk youth. Their well-known Wheelchair Van Assistance program aims to help needy families across the U.S. by distributing donated wheelchairs for their physically disabled family member.

Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)

Spread across the U.S., MDA accepts manual and powered wheelchair donations, hospital beds, lift chairs and other medical equipment. After renovation, the organization redistributes the equipment among local needy people at no cost.

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