Certain medical equipment requires a prescription from your doctor. Equipment like oxygen tanks need a prescription or the equipment provider will not make the delivery. Some medical equipment does not need a doctor’s prescription for you to get it, but if you plan on getting reimbursed by your insurance provider, you will need to get a prescription from your doctor.

After certain types of surgeries, medical equipment might be needed when the patient returns home.

Specialized Beds for Patients

Beds similar to those that are used in hospitals help a patient in sitting up after having an operation. These beds will also stop a patient from falling off their bed. When the patient needs to stay in bed, these beds will let the patient to elevate and lower their heads for them to be more comfortable.

There is no need for a prescription from a doctor to rent or purchase one of these devices. If your physician does believe the bed is medically required then they can write a prescription for you to get one. The prescription will come in useful if you need to make an insurance claim.

Ask your Physician

Themselves created wheelchairs, crutches, and several other devices to help patients recuperating from ailments that leave them not able to move around. You can purchase this equipment without needing a referral from your physician. If your physician does believe the use of an ambulation equipment is needed then your health care insurance might cover the price of the rental, or purchase, of the apparatus.

Many devices, which were once solely present in a hospital or on an ambulance, are now available for anyone to buy. Defibrillators can now be bought by anyone without a prescription from a physician. The accessibility to these tools without a prescription will certainly save lives.

Buying without Prescription

Regular equipment such as blood pressure machines, blood glucose monitors, and nebulizers, are sold at most pharmacies and even at the local shopping center. There is no need a doctor’s prescription to have these products at home. You can even order thermometers, scales, stethoscopes, as well as instruments to look into your ears, which are of the same standard as those that are in the doctor’s clinic.

Some people are beginning to keep these items handy for them to make more informed decisions about when they should see a doctor and when they can deal with an issue at home.

Any kind of medical equipment that could possibly result in injury to someone does need to be prescribed by a doctor, and any device you want to claim on your income taxes, or insurance, has to be prescribed by a doctor.

Not too long ago, medical equipment was seldom found outside a medical center or facility. These days various pieces of medical equipment are sold without a prescription.


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