Question: If a person is a wheelchair user can they become a professional nurse?

The answer is yes, and it is more common that you think. How can they assist someone who is ill or in need of care if they are in a wheelchair?

Well its definitely not as easy, but a wheelchair user can become a good nurse if they are given the time to learn and if they environment is wheelchair friendly. This means that the situation has to be optimal in order to give the potential nurse they highest probability of success.

In some institutions where this may not be a common thing, wheelchair users trying to become nurses will have to prove to the employer that they can get around the facility on their own. Obviously this is not a fair practice, since they would be the only ones put through this test.

Standing Wheelchair can be very Helpful

The most successful way to become a nurse while in a wheelchair is to get a standing wheelchair. A standing chair would come standard with a power stand feature that could you from a seated position to a standing mode. This would allow the wheelchair nurse to stand at eye level with patients and to reach things that they couldn’t before.

The only thing that cannot be solved by a standing wheelchair if you are a wheelchair nurse is that there is no feature to help lift or assist a patient with getting in and out of places.


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