Do you ever get bored sitting in your wheelchair? If your answer is yes, here are some fun activities you can do while sitting in your wheelchair. You just have to let your creative mind and imagination take over and try something new and fun and your boredom will melt away.

The great news is that there are numerous fun activities you can do today and many places you can go to do them, either on your own or with friends and family. Ok to the fun already, let’s jump right in.

Great Ideas That You Can Do With Your Wheelchair


You have a favorite sport you like playing or watching, don’t let being in a wheelchair stop you from taking part in this fun activity. Things like bowling, tennis, basketball etc. are no longer off limits for wheelchair users. Some of these sports are even played at an international level and those athletes will no doubt be an inspiration to you and will get you out playing a lot more.

Video games

If you don’t have a special wheelchair set up for sports, video games are an excellent way of playing and having fun. If you have good use of your hands and brain, you just sit and enjoy playing on your own or with friends.


This is another fun way to get outside and enjoy nature. This is one activity that you will probably want to do with friends or family. There are special wheelchair accessories that will allow you to go swimming and exploring along the trails surrounding the campsite. You can really get out there and enjoy nature’s beauty.


Art is an excellent way of getting rid of the anxiety and stress that come about due to boredom. You can venture into areas like painting, drawing, sculpting, photography or any artistic area that inspires you. You can do all of these artistic activities from the comfort of your wheelchair.


This might not be at the top of the list for anyone who is wheelchair bound, but once you get past that initial drawback you can discover a whole new world. If you were already into traveling prior to being wheelchair bound, there are accessories you can get to make your travels by wheelchair more enjoyable. You can even get a wheelchair that is specifically made for traveling. Once you let your guard down and open your mind you will never be bored in your wheelchair again!

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