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Traveling Through Wheelchair Accessible Cities

Everyone wants to travel and even if you are in a wheelchair you feel no different because you ca still be traveling the world or just your country. Traveling can only do good to you it will help you gain fun experiences you could get outside of your hometown. We will feature many popular cities that are wheelchair friendly cities and are fun to visit. Every city on the list is a major city and will leave a lasting effect that will want you to keep going back. Make sure you take some pictures and take some cash to get some memorable experiences.

Map of the us

The United States

If you are currently living in the United States then most of these will ring a bell. You might even live in one of these cities despite being so popular. Since it travels within the United States you do not need a passport and just a federal ID. If you are debating whether to take a car or a plane then you should take a car because you can stop by cities on the way to your destination. This way you can cross off more cities of the list and reach your travel goal. Some cities you should consider are here.

-Philadelphia, PA

Important city in American history

-San Francisco

Tourists attractions, golden gate bridge, Alcatraz, and Chinatown

-Washington, D.C

This state sets the wheelchair accessibility standard

-Los Angeles, CA

Hollywood being the biggest lure they still have beaches, museums, entertainment, and sports

-Las Vegas, NV

“Sin City” not only attracts people but it also attracts wheelchair users because of its endless choices of entertainment

-Atlanta, GA

Birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr, summer Olympics was hosted here, and beautiful city with stunning visuals

-Chicago, IL

Known as the “windy city” Chicago has many attractions and beautiful Lake Michigan

Traveling around the world

If you want to travel around the world it can be even more amazing because you will get to experience different cultures an customs you aren’t usually exposed to. The food lone would make it worth it because it will be so different in certain areas. They do not offer live octopus at your neighborhood McDonald's now do they? We will give you a list of amazing cities to travel to around the world that are wheelchair friendly places to travel to.

-Amsterdam. Netherlands

Europe’s most walkable and more importantly the most rollable cities

-Madrid, Spain

They have the most beautiful museums and art in the city capital, Madrid.

-Paris, France

Everyone dreams of going to Paris but you should make it come true. They have amazing city lights that just breathe taking.

Now that you have an idea of where you want to travel to start to call different airlines and start getting the prices of tickets to compare them if you wish to go through the airplane. If you travel within the US then you should consider going in a car or even a train and boost the experience. Pas by a couple of cities and try the food there and meet some new people.

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