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YouTube and the Wheelchair Usability

If you know what the website YouTube is then you know the power it holds and the amount of valuable content it can provide is very helpful in any situation. If you have never used YouTube then click on the link and you will see how easy it is to get started on the website. You will find everything from funny videos to instructional video on how to build a car. They really do have it all and they have multiple videos on it all as well. Click on the link and type in a keyword or type in somYouTube logoething you enjoy watching, you will see that there are thousands of videos that came out as a result but it also depends on how popular that type of content is. Ask around and you will see that some of your friends have uploaded a video to the website. They also have an application you can download onto your phone if your phone is a smartphone. The application is free and you do not need anything besides maybe an email and use your phone number to confirm anything they require.

wheelchair user on YouTube

The Current State of YouTube

Currently, on YouTube, there is so much different YouTube channels that you will not get bored. You can also learn a lot because they have a lot of training and courses that free. You will also sometimes find free movie clips and TV show clips but that is rather rare. They also have different quality of content but for the most part, YouTube had evolved into everyone wanting to offer the best quality content they can offer. Follow a lot of different YouTube channels to not only expand your interests but you can keep up with different new trends and also current news that is happening right now. Essentially YouTube can replace your TV that you have in the living room. YouTube has some new features that it has recently been adding. One of those new features is YouTube red. Here is a link to give you more detailed information.

YouTube is priced at around $10 and has two major selling points. The first point is making your experience without any ads placed on the videos when you are watching them. The second selling point is the money you are giving is essentially going to pay for the production of YouTube original shows.

You can also play music when you exit the app. This is another feature you can get on YouTube when you pay the monthly price. Try the free trial they let you try before you actually purchase the monthly read.

All in all, just make use of this website and see any videos that you think will be helpful or maybe you just tend to get bored like we all do. Remember they offer tutorials if you ever need any help with a wheelchair or trying an activity.    

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