Having to use a wheelchair can have an impact on your social and personal activities. However you should still continue to live a full meaningful life and create great memories. Don’t let your disability keep you from living a full life.

How exactly do you go about doing this? You might just need a few helpful tips on how to integrate your wheelchair into your daily life. Your wheelchair has an impact on your daily life and there are ways you can be happy with it.

Useful Tips for Wheelchair Users

Check Your wheelchair Daily

Before heading out for the day, always check your wheelchair.  If you see something that needs fixing, do it or have it done immediately. Keeping your wheelchair well maintained will ensure you don’t have to deal with breakdowns when you are out and about.

Don’t Let The Rain Stop You From Going Out

Your wheelchair won’t be harmed if you go out in the rain. Go about your daily activities as usual. If you have an electric wheelchair, you can simply cover the hand control and/or the joystick with a plastic bag.

To avoid seriously damaging the drive motor, you shouldn’t let the wheelchair get submerged in water. These tips will keep you safe in the rain.

Be Comfortable With Your Wheelchair

Once you are comfortable and confident when you are sitting in your wheelchair, you don’t have anything to worry about. Be aware of the size of your wheelchair, its width, length and depth so that you are comfortable performing daily activities when sitting.

There should be balance, if it is too deep or wide it could be unsafe. Be sure you are fully comfortable at all times when you are sitting in your wheelchair.

Don’t Think About Changing Tires Or Even A Spare Tire

Having a spare tire is a good thing, but there is a better and simpler alternative. When you have good and reliable tires, you won’t need a spare tire. Just make sure you buy high quality tires for your wheelchair.

You have many options to choose from like the semi-pneumatic and poly urethane tires along with other options. With these kinds of tires you will never have to think about flats, so seriously consider them.

There are an endless number of fun and exciting ways you can use your wheelchair. Everyday’s a new adventure that you can learn from. Don’t be afraid to get out and enjoy your wheelchair in comfort.

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