The Right Way To Measure For A Cane

The proper cane length is vital to risk free use and improved ability to move. Several styles of canes are adjustable; however it is nevertheless useful to understand what the correct length ought to be.

Take cane measurements while donning normal walking footwear.

While standing in an upright position, let your hands relax (with usual bend at the elbow) at the side of your body.

Get another individual to measure the length from your wrist joint all the way down to the ground. This figure is the correct length of cane to suit your needs.

An approximation of the appropriate cane length can be done by dividing an individual’s full standing height by two. For the majority of people, the correct sized cane is 1 inch off 50 percent of their height. This rule of thumb may be used if the user is unavailable for a proper sizing.

Correct Use of a Cane

To go walking risk-free with a cane on level flooring:

Grasp the cane with the hand that’s on your “good” side to ensure that it gives support to the lower limb on the opposite side.

Take a stride with the “bad” leg while bringing the cane forward simultaneously. Advance the cane and impacted leg forward at the same time.

Lean your body weight through the hand grasping the cane as required.

Be sure to have the affected leg take the initial total weight-bearing step on level flooring.

The cane has to be shifted the length of one average stride ahead with every move. You should never feel like you are extending to catch up to the cane or even getting in front of it.

If you use the cane for basic mobility as opposed to a physical injury, grip the cane with your dominant hand and support your body weight with this side of the body. If you happen to be working with a physio therapist as a result of an accident, they may have a specified cane-walking program not like this one.

Dealing with Stairs with a Cane

Use the good leg to go upstairs. Hold onto the rail while moving the stronger leg forward to the next step. Once the good leg is in place, move the weaker leg to the same step the strong one is on. If no rail is available, put the cane on the upper step at the same time or just after placing the weak leg.

Use the bad leg to lead down stairs. Hold on to the rail while moving the weak leg forward first placing it on the step below. Once the weaker leg is in place, move the stronger leg to the same step. If no rail is available, put the cane on the lower step at the same time or just after placing of the stronger leg.


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