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The wheelchair has been around for many years and has served to help those with disabilities gain capabilities to get around and some independence. When the wheelchair was first invented it was used only to help King Phillips II of Spain to move around within his castle. Later it has become a luxury device because only individuals with power and money were able to obtain one. Through time they have become more accessible to many that need one and there has been a wider range of styles to choose from.

Self-propelled wheelchairs are one of the options available to those that can propel themselves around indoors and outdoors. A self-propelled wheelchair has the same framework, however, contain a wide range of features that are of extremely helpful for specific needs. Some feature includes easy wheel removal, rubber wheels, solid wheels, or inflated wheels. They are not limited to removal wheel attachments that help gain higher stability and mobility. Other feature options are lightweight wheelchairs, foldable wheelchairs and size options.

wheelchair in beach

Among the self-propelled wheelchairs are sport wheelchairs designed to help athletes of specific sport can practice and play a sport of their choice. There are wheelchairs that have different frameworks and features to provide the best mobility needed for the sport chosen. For example, a tennis wheelchair has the framework of a regular self-propelled wheelchair yet includes two additional smaller wheels in the back that help the tennis player have more balance and mobility to allow them to move around fast to hit the ball that’s coming at them in high speeds. Other wheelchairs are designed with a third wheel slightly smaller than the two back wheels and include a handlebar to allow them to control turning corners in the race track. These wheels are lightweight and designed specifically for racers with tilted wheels to optimize control and friction. These are two examples of the purpose of the wheelchair with sports designs yet there are many more wheelchairs for different sports


Electric wheelchairs serve one of the most important purposes which are mobility for those without the capability to propel themselves around. It has been a game changer throughout history because it has helped those individual gain a bit more independence by simply controlling the wheelchair with a joystick. It has different features as well which come in handy when the individual wants to be indoors and outdoors.

Each wheelchair has different designs and capabilities, but all serve the same purpose which is to allow those individuals to gain mobility and independence which improves their lifestyle as a wheelchair user.

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