We able bodied people take for granted the ability to quickly take a shower in the morning or just before bedtime at night. However for those with a disability, shower time can be a huge challenge. Bathrooms can be very dangerous places for those who have problems moving. Many reported injuries result for falls in the shower or tub on a yearly basis. Broken bones or even worse are a reality for disabled persons.

The shower wheelchair is a great solution for disabled people who are afraid of slipping on wet bathroom surfaces. Some shower chairs (also known as the commode) have removable armrests which makes accessing shower controls, shampoo, soap etc. much easier.

Wheelchair Shower Design

The seats on most shower wheelchairs look like a regular toilet seat and the opening lets the user wash their private areas without help. A good shower wheelchair should be made of rust-proof meal or plastics that are lightweight. They should also have a good back support and a seat that is waterproof. These chairs are only useful in showers that have thresholds without edges.

Some shower wheelchairs have an open seat with a commode that is removable and it can also be used as a bedside commode. It can also let the user position themselves over the toilet without having to stand up.

They are usually easy to fold and can be taken with the user when traveling and they can be usually easily assembled or disassembled without requiring tools.

Using shower wheelchairs can be made even safer if handle bars are installed in the shower stall and if a handheld shower nozzle is handy. The shower wheelchair should be adjusted so that the user can easily access the shower controls and any shelves that have sops, shampoos etc.

Shower Wheelchair Costs

You can get a shower wheelchair online in the price range of $200 to $900. If you happen to be on a budget, used shower wheelchairs are a great affordable option.

Devices like shower wheelchair can make the life of the disabled much easier both on the quality of life as well as the psychological outlook. They give the disabled a sense of independence and normalcy that would be almost impossible otherwise.

The boost in self-confidence of being able to perform a simple task like taking a shower without help can make a big difference on the disabled person outlook. That kind of benefit is priceless!

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