Using a wheelchair for mobility purposes can be a reality at some point in your life. It might be difficult to deal with at first but keep in mind that a wheelchair can help you to regain some of your independence irrespective of your injury. It is a great tool that helps you to live your life, not restrict the life you can really live.

Be sure to keep your comfort in mind if you are buying your first wheelchair, replacing it or even planning to keep it.  Because you area in a wheelchair, it doesn’t mean you should be uncomfortable and there are several accessories that are designed to make your wheelchair experience as comfortable as possible.

finding wheelchair comfort zone

A wheelchair Cushion May Provide Pressure Relief

Do you get uncomfortable while sitting in a wheelchair for long periods? A seat cushion might be the answer to your problem. They are available in many types and some even provide back support as well as seating comfort. They come in many different styles and colors and they can even be personalized for your chair.

Are you suffering from neck pain when you are sitting in your wheelchair? A head rest might be a solution to give your neck the support it requires.

Again there are many models available, some can minimize your neck movement when the chair is in motion, and others are just a head rest to support the neck giving you full range of motion if needed. They are fairly inexpensive and simple to install.

Headrest Support for Wheelchairs

You can also get lateral supports for your wheelchair, which reduces your head movement if you don’t want the movement. These are also available in a number of colors and can also be personalized.

Leg abductors can be helpful if you have problems positioning your legs. Different styles are available; some can be moved out of the way when not required, while some can be affixed to the wheelchair permanently.

You Can Add Accessories for your Needs

If you find yourself sliding forward too often when seated, a lapboard might be a helpful solution to this problem. Not only will they keep you in place, they are also great at keeping things you need handy. A lack of arm control can sometimes cause discomfort; however many kinds of arm supports are on the market, available for almost any disability.

Do you have a hard time keeping your feet in a proper position? Think about getting a foot rest. They come in handy if you can move your feet or not. Keeping your feet the proper position can relieve leg and back pain.


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