If you are in a situation as a wheelchair user where you are living on your own with no assistance, you may find it difficult to do certain things at first. There are many concerns that come to mind when thinking about a wheelchair user living by them.

Safety concerns are valid, you can suffer an injury by falling, or you may not be able to get out if a fire occurs in your house. If you are planning on living alone on a wheelchair, this information may be useful.

Keep up to date with Maintenance

Keeping your house appliances in mind may save your life. You should have fire alarms that are accessible while on a wheelchair, the fire alarms should not be placed too high for the person to reach. Fire alarms should be regularly maintained and batteries should be replaced accordingly in the case of a fire.

Appliances should ideally be accessible via wheelchair as well, as this would make it a whole lot easier to access and turn on/off these devices when going to sleep or leaving your house.

Emergency Clicker

You should probably invest in an emergency button system of some kind. This type of device would help you call for help in the event that you have fallen and cannot call for help. This type of action can save your life, in more than one way.

You should look around your home and keep in mind that certain furniture and arrangements can make your chance of injury increase because they are not designed for wheelchair users. This includes couches and devices that are used to support yourself while using non-weight bearing devices.

If you are living on your own, you should never take risks that endanger your life. If you think that you can’t life a certain box or any heavy things, you probably should not lift it on your own. It helps to have a good support system because this will encourage and remind you of certain safety measures you can take.


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