Even with the political correctness and awareness nowadays, there are still a number of places that are not wheelchair accessible. Some museums, movie theaters, offices and other buildings have fallen short of providing full accessibility for disabled people.

With this existing problem, you should be prepared when going out and you should make your own home even more wheelchair-friendly. A ramp is an excellent way to make your home more wheelchair accessible.

Finding Mobility in Wheelchair Inaccessible Areas

The Modular Ramp

If you recently purchased a home, there are a number of ways to make it more accessible and one of the best ways to accomplish this is to put in a modular ramp. They are made from aluminum are intended to be permanently attached to the house.

Some have guardrails for those who might have a hard time walking and a solid ramp to accommodate the wheelchair.

The Solid Ramp

Not as elaborate as the modular kind, these are solid ramps usually made from wood. They are a temporary fixture of sturdy boards that is laid over outdoor stairs. The ramp is easy to install and remove and is ideal for summer time.

The Threshold Ramp

These are small ramps that can be placed over areas that are uneven like small steps and sliding doors. They let wheelchairs and scooters easily traverse humps without getting stuck. The installation should be permanent as they help both disabled and abled-bodied people.

Rear Door Ramps

Usually installed in vans and are operated by remote control. These are suited for people who use scooters or wheelchairs and can still walk for short distances. Individuals can still take their mobility devices with them on the road.

The Suitcase Ramp

As the name suggest, this ramp folds into the dimensions of a suitcase. It is portable and can be used by the user if they encounter stairs in their outing. But they are not strong enough to support a scooter or wheelchair.

Society doesn’t always cater to the disabled; therefore it is good to be prepared. This ramp is great for the home and comes in handy when traveling. Being prepared can help you to overcome some of the oversights that are still in the society today.


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