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Shoud You Work in a Wheelchair?

When you are in a wheelchair that does not mean you cannot have a career. There are endless amounts of jobs you can choose from. Some of these jobs you might be ready to apply for today because they are entry-level positions. Being hired in an entry-level position is not a bad thing because it leaves you room to grow into a higher position. In this article popular jobs that people in wheelchair commonly work in as will be gone over to give a little insight.  

Administrative assistant

This position does not require any physical labor besides being on a computer all day. You may need to learn a few programs like excel or word. Some common job tasks include data entry, writing tasks, filing, and other clerical work you are asked to do. All the tasks can be completed while sitting in a wheelchair. You also may need to have a strong WPM count because it does involve a lot of typing and some employers require a special WPM count. You can practice by yourself at home before you go and apply. There are tests online that help you measure your performance so you can see what you need to improve on.

work from home

Work from home

This idea might be the most interesting one because you do not have to leave your home. The possibilities are endless because you can find so many different guides on how to start earning income various ways through your own home. Here are some popular examples, affiliate marketing, data entry, virtual assistant, customer service representative, freelancer, and owing a small business. All the examples do not have a high barrier to entry you can start doing these within the same week. Since it is work that you from your house you need to constantly stay motivated because you might want to push certain thugs off for later and then it starts to get contagious.

Government worrk

Government work

Government jobs can be the best path to follow because it sets the standard that prohibits discrimination. Some agencies have employees designed to help people with disabilities find a job within the government. Also, they have very good benefits and starting salaries and it will motivate you to and apply for the job. The type 0f job you will get at the government is going to be an office job. That is a good thing though because you will not be moving from place to place you will have your own desk and cube.

In conclusion, start adding skill sets to your resume and start to apply for those jobs and career fields you always wanted to work in. Do not let a disability get in the way of following your desires and dreams. Prepare for the interview, have a good resume, dress nice, and get the job! There are many job sites you can explore to help you find a job. A good job site that you can use is INDEED. You make a resume essentially and apply to most of the jobs just using a resume you have on file.

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