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Losing those extra pounds as a wheelchair user

Everyone wants to lose weight and think it is too hard to lose those pounds. Many wheelchair users may think it is even harder for them to lose the weight because they are limited in the movement they can do. It can be equally the same to lose weight for a wheelchair user because they have adaptive sports to help you play sports. By the end of the article, you will know some basic ways you can try today to start shredding that extra weight you think you have. Share with your friends because it can also help them as much as it can help you.

Lower Calories

Yes, food is very good especially if you have your favorite type of food. If your mother-in-law makes a killer sloppy Joe then it can be very tempting to get seconds maybe even thirds. If you start to deploy willpower and start to use your determination to set a goal and crush it then you can lower the number of calories you are taking in. Two example of foods that high amounts of calories are sweets like candies and processed foods like the food you order when you go to a fast food restaurant.

Drink water

Trade in your soda and drink some water instead and it will benefit you in more ways that you can think of. Soda has many bad things for your health and water does not. Keep it stocked with bottles of water in your fridge to also keep hydrated as well. If you think water is too plain then try adding a slice of lemon inside of it or something else to give it a good flavor. Maybe add some zero sugar powders that have at many supermarkets or even corner stores.

Stay Active

The ability to stay active now because of adaptive sports is very powerful and helpful. You can join a community and play with many different people who are wheelchair users as well. Reach out and try it when you start your new mission. If you want to do more than just play sports then lift some weights, buy some dumbbells because they are available anywhere or any other form of fitness weights you can come across.


Getting your family involved can benefit you because they can give you that support you probably feel like you need. If they go as far as joining you then that is even better. It gives you the chance of having someone to push you when you feel like giving up and you trust that family member. It does not have to be a family member it can be a friend also. Friends can push you to but they can push you harder because friends tend to know your weaknesses more than your family. Message your family and friends and see if anyone wants to join you in your new goal and will help you crush it.

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