The ultimate goal of a wheelchair user is to be as mobile and self reliant as possible. Individuals use wheelchair for many different mobility problems and for many different purposes.  Is there any advantage of using a transport wheelchair? It doesn’t allow the user to move it on their own and a caregiver or attendant must be present when the patient has to be moved.

Transport wheelchairs are useful for individuals who cannot use a regular or motorized wheelchair because of physical or mental disabilities. This is certainly an extraordinary circumstance, seeing that electric power wheelchairs are made to be controlled even by individuals with little hand dexterity or muscle strength. In cases of complete paralysis or having no limbs at all, an individual will need help maneuvering.

Transport Wheelchair is your Choice

Anyone who can use an electric wheelchair with great difficulty yet who requires continuous medical care for any area of their physical affliction may choose the use of a transport wheelchair for the matter of price and ease of use. Transport wheelchairs are the lowest priced wheelchairs available, and are also very light and portable. If someone will not require continuous medical care, an electric powered wheelchair can pay for itself in just a few weeks since the individual will not need to pay a nurse.

However if a wheelchair user requires medical care and has difficulty operating an electric powered wheelchair, they can reduce costs by making use of a transport chair, and at the same time minimize the weight the medical aid will need to push should your wheelchair have a motor.

Inexpensive Chairs and Medical Facilities

Other than that, transport chairs are usually only meant for short-term circumstances. They are utilized to transfer medical facility patients or for those who are for the short term too fragile to walk or use a regular wheelchair since they are recuperating from a health problem or medical treatment. When traveling with an able body companion, a power wheelchair user might go with a transport chair since it is a inexpensive and very light-weight and transportable mobility tool.

If you’re taking a trip, however, you might also have the choice of leasing an electric wheelchair at your vacation spot, and transportable electric power wheelchairs are available that may be brought on an airplane. For those who travel regularly on your own, this is an excellent investment, even though the weight is still considerably heavier compared to a transport chair. If you are traveling with a companion that is prepared to push you around, a transport chair is a cost-effective choice.

When self-sufficient mobility is not possible to get or for short-term circumstances, a transport wheelchair is a low cost alternative to help you get about.


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