When using a cane, simple tasks can become extremely daunting to perform. You probably switched to cane due to difficulty with balance. When walking becomes difficult, most individuals switch to a cane for assistance. Whether it be a single leg or quad leg, canes are extremely helpful through all sorts of methods.

There is one challenge however that remains difficult for some even after switching to a cane.

Climbing Up The Stairs With a Walking Cane

Remember that when walking up stairs, to always grab on the hand rail with one hand only. You should be using your other hand to hold the cane. Just because there are handrails to the stairs, doesn’t mean it’s safe to be completely dependent upon it.

Make sure to hold your cane with your strong hand and grab the hand rail with the other. If for some reason the handrail is placed on the side of your weak hand, don’t try to compensate by attempting a trick maneuver. Just temporarily switch the cane into your other hand even though it’s technically not your primary hand.

Avoiding Injury While Climbing Stairs

When you’re ready to start climbing up the stairs, lift your strongest leg up the first step and push down on the cane to move your weaker leg to bring it up to the same level as your first leg. After that, bring your cane back up to the same level as your legs. Now continue the steps listed above until you reach the top of the stairs.

Simply enough, walking down the stairs with a cane is as easy as reversing the steps you took when walking up. You just need to remember that walking down the stairs can be a little bit more dangerous since a misstep could cause a fall which would lead to a tumble down the stairs. This is how most injuries occur.

The same procedure used to walk up and down stairs with a cane can also be applied to a curb.