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Accessible Modern Transportation

We are in a modern age where everything can be so easily accessible, which also includes getting a ride. Getting ride is much more different for a wheelchair user then a person who does not use a wheelchair. There have been many companies that just give rides to people and some of the bigger name brands can offer help to those in a wheelchair making it accessible. There is a couple of options when it comes to choosing the right one for you. Some choices are Uber, Lyft, Yellow Cab Co, local businesses, and many more. We will go over a little more in-depth of some options we have named above to help you make an informed decision. This is an alternative if you do not have a ride with a family member or a friend and your neighbor can not give you a ride also.

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Uber has different types of vehicles you can request to be picked up with. With that being said, you can also request a wheelchair friendly vehicle to give you a ride. They are testing vehicle models with specially designed ramps for wheelchair users and also some lifts. It’s called UberWAV and currently is only in Toronto, Austin, and London until they start deploying those types of vehicles. Uber is monitored routinely and also tested on a regular basis because they have an Audio eye certification. The company also informs the drivers regarding transporting people with service animals and they get information regarding this every three months to keep them well informed. It does not stop there, they also offer help to those who are blind or have low-vision. The Uber app is compatible Voiceover IOS, Android Talkback, and wireless braille display which makes it easier for someone to get to point a to point b with the push of a button.

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Lyft is almost the same as Uber but it has its differences. For the wheelchair aspect, when you use Lyft you have to schedule the ride 24 hours in advance with their vehicle accessible dispatch service found in their app. When you are accessing the app they will provide you with a list of Paratransit taxi services that they are working with so you can have access to vehicles that have accommodations. This link will show you more information that will list the places that are offered in and what you can do to receive that help you need.

Other Alternatives

These two big companies in the game are not the only ones that have capabilities of doing this. You can Google local transportation services also, which sometimes will be easier for you because it is local. Google many and compare the prices and see which one gets you the bang for the buck with the best experience. Check your local newspaper listings along with your local yellow pages listings. The more information you know will help you find the best choice for you or for the person in your life that needs it.

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