avoid-issues-with-wheeled-walker The most important thing to remember when using a rollator is to not have anyone push you while you’re are sitting in them. The rollator is a walking aid only and should not be used as a transportation device. Most rollators are designed as a walking aid only and using them for other non approved purposes could pose a threat to the individual using them.  A rollator is used to make walking safer and easier. They often come with a seat in case you need to sit and relax for while. Rollators are designed to be used with someone sitting in them. Don’t try to push someone in a rollator because most rollators don’t have the strength or carrying capacity for this type of movement. The welding for the rollator may give out if too much weight is placed upon it. If being pushed while sitting down is something you are looking for, you can look for a rollator and transport chair hybrid to suit your specific needs.   customer-testimonials-best-wheelchairbest-rated-wheelchair-best-brandwheelchair-product-video-bestbest-wheelchair-brands-dealer-locator