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“This is simply the best wheelchair I have ever used.”

customer-review-2“This is simply the best wheelchair I have ever used. I have tried other types and they always had one problem or another. This chair is so comfortable. Because of my diabetes and fatigue, I can’t go anywhere unless I am in a wheelchair and the Karma brand has made life much more enjoyable.

The seating does not bother me like other chairs and the frame is very strong and sturdy yet light. I feel good that my love ones do not have to burden with getting me frequent replacements or in storing the chair for me. I recommend this chair highly.”

Reviewed by Sarah Ferris from Irvine, CA

“I love this ergo wheelchair”

testimonial-customer-1“I bought this chair because my old chair was too heavy. I can manage this by myself and can even lift it into my car truck by leaning against the car and lifting it onto the car frame.

I put a bath mat on the car and the chair slides right in. I put the brakes on otherwise the chair slides around in the trunk. I don’t consider that it has any cons. I dont think a purchase of this chair would disappoint.”

Reviewed by Joe Cosh from Houston, TX

“Karman’s unique ergonomic seat is genuinely comfortable.”

testimonials-customer-3“I tried a half dozen transport chairs before discovering Karman’s Ergo Flight model–light enough for me to lift (21 pounds including swing-away feet), with large enough rear wheels to allow me to easily PUSH the chair across raised doorway thresholds and over uneven terrain.

Similarly sturdy models (all brands) with companion hand brakes weighed 28-33 pounds or more, while other ultralight models (15+ pounds) were too flimsy to negotiate small bumps without constantly turning around and pulling the chair and its passenger backwards.

Additionally, Karman’s unique ergonomic seat is genuinely comfortable, unlike the hiney-numbing “sling seat” of most transport chairs. The quality and workmanship of the Karman Ergo Flight, coupled with the terrific features already mentioned, make it well worth the higher price tag; I can’t recommend this chair enough!”

Reviewed by Laurie L. from Tacoma, WA

“This is the best wheelchair I have ever prescribed”

doctor-caal-testimonial“This is the best wheelchair I have ever prescribed, and i myself have tried it out, it is very comfortable, i even read literature and information about it so i can understand why it is so comfortable and my patients have personally told me it is very light and they take it wherever they go.

Somehow when you sit in this wheelchair, it feels very soft, yet strong, and this model has so many features i was surprised it could do what it could do, and by the way its foldable, not many wheelchairs that have those features are foldable. Overall, its an excellent quality wheelchair

Reviewed by Dr. Richard Caal from Pasadena, CA





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